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The "Best Life" is a Lifestyle

LuCielife Is Committed To You

And Your Loved Ones Experiencing

Your Better Lives.

LuCielife's team of highly skilled professionals are experienced health care professionals (MD, RN, NPN), exercise physiologist, recreational therapist and artisan/herbalists.


Smile Stretch

Dr. Darrell Murray, MD

Received his Medical degree from Brown University School of Medicine and completed post graduate training in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.


Work Experience:

  • Served as military medical provider

  • Quality care in emergency medicine/first responder

  • One of the first professionals to teach in Midsouth during the pandemic


Philosophy: We are granted one life one time as humans, live to the fullest with the best choices.


Personal Statement: As a physician I partner with [patients to provide strong science-based recommendations for health…respecting that the ultimate choice and responsibility lies with the individual.


“Doc” currently practices as a licensed physician as emergency provider/first responder in East Tennessee.

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Stacey May, MS., cPT

Native of Columbia Mississippi and a graduate of Jackson State University where he received his bachelor’s in health and master’s in Exercise Science.


Work Experience:

  • Therapeutic Programmer for disabled individuals (State agencies)

  • Wellness and Rehabilitation Director (Hospital)

  • Project Manager (Government Contract)

  • Over 15 years of programming for the special needs population.


Philosophy: We all need to be more compassionate and help each other live our best lives!!!


Personal Statement: As a science-based fitness and wellness professional I partner with [ clients to provide strong science-based recommendations for health and wellness programming that are tailored to meet their individual needs while understanding that the ultimate choice(s) lies with the individual.


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